Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hansel and Gretel last night from Scottish Ballet.

A re-interpreted version of the story. They are not starving so much as unloved by indolent drunken parents. They live in a village in which all the children have been stolen but they two. Nonetheless, they take it into their heads to run away. In a Narnia-worthy seduction scene, the witch lures them to her lair with lollipops. Some ravens (a cross between Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake and Grease) seal the deal for the less susceptible girl child. They rock up at the gingerbread house and start gorging as the fire blazes, ready to bake them.

Then I had a little nap. (But I knew from the programme notes that it all ended well. The kids weren't baked. They were saved. The curse was lifted. The other children were all therefore released. Everyone was happy. Hopefully the parents became less indolent so the wayward two didn't run away again.)

It was extremely pretty. It was extremely well danced. They have an international pack of dancers who all seem to be excellent. The choreography was a nice mix of astute and inventive and traditional tottering about on tiptoes that will have kept loyalists happy. It was a lovely show.

You'll deduce that I wasn't swept away by it. Though of course I might have been if only I'd stayed awake. But if you enjoy ballet and you like sparkly twinkly pretty things and you like a story of evil foiled and the good reunited, you'll most probably be quite content. And it looked good enough to eat.  


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