Tuesday, March 01, 2016

I've not enjoyed post-show-itis like that for a long time. It was possibly on a par with the crushing "nothing nice will ever happen again" post-Tempest August days. And that had me fondling crockery in the kitchen at work, in mourning for living a dream, at least for a fortnight.

Absurd to be so upset about a show. Shouldn't you grow out of such things? And I'm plenty old enough to know better. So I gobbled alternative sources of stories told last week like a cookie monster to try and fill the gap left by the absence of mine. 

Spotlight is a very deserving Oscar winner. I'm delighted that a story with a point that very much needed to be told, both then and now, was justly honoured. I'm also delighted that Peter Bradshaw has revised his initially underwhelmed opinion back in September to appreciate that the "plodding" "dramatic pace" was maybe wholly fitting for a story of this magnitude. I'm happy to see it grew on him over the winter. Happier still that it got Best Pic on Sunday night. 

I haven't seen The Revenant. It looks grim. The poster looks grim so what must the film be like??

I watched Gone Girl on DVD which was less gripping than I expected.  Suspenseful for sure but not the cinematic wonder I'd hoped.

I watched a horrifying docudrama that I should have watched a month ago. The awful tale of Breck Bednar who was groomed online and ended up murdered just for loving video games. This is another story that desperately needs to be told and retold. Hats off to his family and friends for participating in Katharine English's unflinching retelling: Murder Games. 

And I snuck in some frivol with the rather excellent nonsensical but very cathartic Deadpool. A smart and very sassy script and a great performance from Mr Ryan Reynolds. 

So I'm still missing my three times a week diet of selfies and sass. I'm missing Bea's beautiful hair. I'm missing watching my imaginary story stalking about in 3D in front of me.  But I'm busily pretending I don't mind.  

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