Tuesday, December 22, 2015

We've started. #likes. 

It's exciting. I'd forgotten that directing attracts devil's looks ("exercises???") but if you put that to one side, it's lovely to be back pranking around again.

 So it's a story about two teenagers, Nina and Rosie, who both set up YouTube channels. They attract some attention for so doing. And the play itself sees a TV presenter, the lovely Lily, despatched to their school to interview them. 

 "Everyone" goes a little bit wild at the thought of the impending brush with celebrity. "Everyone" being only a couple of the teachers and the two girls to make the cast a manageable size. 

So the play looks at what happens when ordinary people bump into not so very famous people and how it all shakes down. With odd bits of commentary on self-image, the value this culture places on looking nice, the transience of small-scale fame, prioritising prospects over people and probably various other bits and pieces thrown in for good measure.

It should give us plenty to talk about. It's certainly making character development work fun. 

(The following are diary entries from Nina and Rosie on the joyful day that their respective YouTube channels attracted 100,000 subscribers. Please note I'm aware that "diary" is spelt wrong but I liked the picture of the pony.)


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