Monday, June 22, 2015

We are blocked!

This makes me very happy. And feels like an extraordinary tribute to my excellent cast. 

More impressive yet, we were done by last Tuesday. I skivily took the rest of the week off but there was even wild talk about them meeting yesterday in my absence to run lines. Dear things. 

I'm astounded and impressed that they've worked so quickly. And I don't doubt that we'll footer about with it yet but how nice to have some sort of movements already written down. 

I now have two weeks before I (gulp) go on holiday. About which I feel terribly guilty but I've organised the schedule to coincide with their first tentative baby steps without the script. 

I have a back up plan for my back up plan, should the first back up plan not work. So I hope that all will be well.

This week, we shall do some gentle tinkering and (more) exploring of their (character) relationships with each other. I look forward to reaching dark dramatic heights. 


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