Monday, April 06, 2015

There are certain tasks which I associate with beginning work on a new play. Once the script itself is chosen.

The first is buying the script. I pondered long and hard about Death and the Maiden. I love the pristine un-spine-snapped nature of a new book. But I'm trying hard not to buy too many things first-hand as particularly with a book, there's little need. So I plumped for a pre-loved book. But then most probably ruined any sort of ethical statement this might have been making by purchasing it from amazon's marketplace site. 

A limp attempt to stop more trees being sawn down vs. supporting the one of the largest trees-sawn-downing supporters the world has known who pays no tax to boot. Complicated.

Anyway, purchaser decided on, I then had to decide on a book cover. There are surprisingly many of Death and the Maiden.

This was my preferred option.

This I certainly did not want. Fancy being subliminally influenced by the cover and spending the next month trying to find Sigourney Weaver. No thank you.

And whilst I ordered the first from some reliable second-hand-book vendor, this horrible thing is what I got sent. A peculiar literal illustration of the title of the play in dull grey and black. Lordy me, I'm not expecting a euphoric rainbow coloured celebration of the themes of the play as its cover. But surely NHB could do better than this? Anyway, this is what I am now saddled with. Harumph. 

Then there is the buying of the folder. I love to try and theme the A4 ring binder folder design with the theme of the show. As you'll imagine, I rarely accomplish this as supermarkets, bookstores and stationery shops rarely cater to an audience of amateur play directors when developing their ring binder designs.

Last year, I struck lucky with a folder design for Festen for reasons too sick to be ever uttered outwith the secure confines of my own head.  

This year's choice was decided by two things. 

1. It was reduced.

2. The design features illustrations of gentle woodland creatures looking wide-eyed and vulnerable. Like Paulina before the play begins, you see? (Or is she?)

So it's not the resounding success of 2014's folder choice but it'll do. To ease my unsatisfied theme-hungry conscience, I've bought a folder in a complementary colour for Assistant Director Liz. I hope the cast will appreciate these small efforts.

Finally (and please be aware that I also do more practical stuff like - you know, read the script and think about how it might be produced but this is less ritualistic in nature), the great key collection.

The handing over of the keys for our rehearsal rooms from the previous incumbent to lil' ol' me. 

This signals the proper beginning of needing to do real practical stuff.

This was accomplished on Saturday just gone by Siobhan coming to the door in a lovely dress that turned out to be an apron (less saucy than it sounds) and placing the keys into my sweaty hopeful hand. 

I stepped off along the blossom tree lined street, attaching the keys to my janitor or prison governor-esque key ring of assorted keys of assorted sizes for assorted locations. 

And I went on my way to see the first of the auditionees for the aforementioned show. 

It has officially begun. 


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