Sunday, January 11, 2015

By accident, I watched a bunch of Christopher Nolan films over Christmas.

Interstellar back in November (though currently on at the Filmhouse) which was stunning but also striking for its ever so slightly ridiculous plot executed with such sincerity that you're more or less forced to excuse it.

The Dark Knight appeared on TV on New Year's Day. Heath Ledger being superbly unpredictable and consequently terrifying. And the whole silly story imbued with a gothic gloom that (to my mind) makes it great.

And Inception last weekend on DVD. I think the New Yorker is a little bit scathing about it. I admit to scarcely understanding it first time and understanding it almost less second time around.

But what is wonderful about all three films is the degree to which the actors deliver performances of incredible commitment (I guess you'd say if you knew what you were talking about) and conviction when the stories are mostly frankly absurd.

So my curiosity has been piqued about this fellow, Christopher. He was on some radio station a week or so back talking about how important "ambient music" is to his films. Which bemused me until I watched Inception and realised what this ambient music must be. The sort of thing I often hanker for in shows but have no real way of serving up.

My impressed-ness was cemented by this interview with him in my favourite paper.

By discovering he directed Memento, a film I would like to re-watch.

And Insomnia which is quite beautiful. And again, superbly acted.

I slept through The Prestige sadly. So can't pass comment on that. But I bet it was good too.

A good sign must surely be the number of actors (Michael Caine) he repeat casts. Woody Allen does that (is that a good sign?). Wes Anderson does exactly the same thing. I guess a lot of great directors choose the people they get great results from - and then want to repeat the pleasure.

In short, this is a fan blog. Christopher, if you're reading this (as I know this blog has many diverse and far flung readers) and fancy an apprentice on your next film, give me a shout.


Blogger imw said...

The only one of those films that I've seen is Inception and I'm 100% with the New York Times, absolute cobblers.

10:46 am  

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