Friday, November 28, 2014

So very proud.

First night down and on the surface of things, it was a pretty polished show. Some technical snickets got in the way of whatever passes for perfection. As did some jumbly renditions of lines. But I don't know that many but those paying closest attention to the script would have noticed.

Last night. Night two. Night of the SCDA Adjudicator. (Pretty carelessly, without any sort of sense or logic being applied, I've pitched myself against David's August: Osage County in the Full Length Play Competition. Stupid. As that was a stupendous show that deserves to win for bravery alone. But you add excellent execution in on top of that and really, I've wasted my £70 entry fee. But maybe I'll get a pity booby prize.) Night of Hugh, Thom Dibdin's reviewer. Night of a(nother) limited audience.

But the vague sense of pride hanging over everyone as a consequence of the Adjudicator's presence meant they turned in a brilliant brilliant show. Or maybe they would have anyway and I'm being unjust.

There were a few stomach flip-flopping moments. One of which I'm far too embarrassed to mention but they all flocked round me like starlings to anxiously share when I slipped backstage in the interval. One of which involved a lost shoe. One of which involved the most erratic lighting set up in the world. So we started act two with full house lights on. V professional. Not.

But you know what? No-one would've noticed these. Well, except for The Embarrassing Thing. And the house lights which any fool could see. The shoes. David hid it like a master. I had no idea it'd happened. And on the whole, it was a snippy snappy pacey heartfelt performance.

The last page of the last but one scene, I'm sitting in the audience. And six excellent actors are standing / sprawling on the stage. Universally sobbing. Tremendous theatre. It's obviously all their own tears but I felt ridiculously chuffed that we got there.

Enjoy the last two nights, my cast. You've worked like very hard working things. Any few small audience claps you get are very well deserved.


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What was The Embarrassing Thing?

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