Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Last Monday night and I got a call from lovely lovely Alyssa who plays the little girl.

This Alyssa.

(Just for context.)

She's got herself a job in a panto, due to start the very next day, rehearsing in Newcastle and roaming through England and Germany. 


Delighted for her. 

Ouch ouch like a stabby jabby pain in my ribs for me. 

Panic emails. Would you could you know it's short notice but? Who who who can we ask?

To my great sorrow, my lovely Soothsayer  from JC days has moved to Dumfries and Galloway. So that maybe involves too much of a commute. Not anything on the scale of Liverpool of course, but still.

An anxious night. A 4am awake. A staring into the dark thinking and wondering how this might be resolved. Could we just Cut - but no but no. Could we just?? But wait. Be patient my friend. Providence will probably help out. 

10:30am on Tuesday. Sarah-Jane. She of Jerusalem fame. The lovely. Can I call her? An inconsiderate meeting in my pesky day job. Soon, my lovely, soon. 

1:30pm. Tuesday. We speak. She says she will. She is delightful. My heart dances. 

So last Thursday night, we took one little girl ghost and tried to make her real again. With luck with luck. 


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