Tuesday, June 18, 2013

After a day of - let's just say unexpected - events yesterday, I was both late and preoccupied leaving work.

Rushed to BP as DG had kindly loaned us a room prior to his Agnes rehearsal having carelessly cast one of my cast members in his festival show.

And burst into the rehearsal rooms (doesn't that make it sound grand?) one hour and twenty minutes late for a rehearsal scheduled to last one hour and thirty.

And the show wasn't the first thing on my mind. Let's just say.

But I figured out the room they were using by the peculiar sound of "my" words audible through the door.

What a peculiar sensation.

These people with lives and jobs and sh*t days (thank you for rushing, Cassi) and Family Situations and Romantic (and not romantic) Situations and all sorts of proper important real life preoccupations squeezed around the edges had taken (more) time out of their busy, real life lives to come to a(n albeit now nicely decorated) husk of a set of rooms to say my words to each other in preparation for saying my words (and most importantly, singing some songs to launch an album) to a paying audience on Saturday.


Thank you.


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