Monday, April 29, 2013

I find lines are useful at dental appointments. When I was 15, I recited the order of the passage of blood through the heart to myself as I lay on the dentist's chair. Now grown and almost anything I learnt at school long forgotten, circumstances permitting (i.e. am I in something?) I recite lines to myself as the dentist sweetly ruttles about in my small (that's what they said, not me) mouth.

I started with joyous abandon this morning.

"Time...?" to be uttered in a sharp bark.

Remembered The Nod.

And then calamity - had to struggle for several long minutes to remember my 'partner's' name. At last I got to

"Parsons." Uttered in a slightly less sharp bark.

And then I was away. P-17003s and enforcement notices and court orders and dates and times and all the abundant legalese that was the life of luscious Linda. I do miss her bolshy boisterous little heart.

(Interestingly, Mother - unlike Thom - only saw her man-hating officiousness. She did not see the long nights of frolicking in the shadow of ancient cathedrals with disreputable but desirable men. Clearly, she chooses not to see her daughter in this lewd way.)

So a fortnight on and I can still remember mostly the lines. I wonder how long they take to dissolve?


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