Wednesday, April 17, 2013

As the wicked should never rest, I began work last night on my VV (Vanity Venture).

Except it's not wholly my own vanity so my proud puffy head doesn't need to puff too big just yet.

The VV came about because local (though we upgraded them to national for a little - ahem - application we're submitting) band The Stantons rather wildly asked me to direct a - something - for their new album launch. I presume Tim Burton, Baz Luhrman, John Tiffany and Sofia Coppola had already turned them down.

V to the fore, I suggested I not only direct but also - hey, why not? - write a little something for them. So this is the thing on which we have begun.

Me: "so we're going to start with some paperwork."
Cassi: "what??"
Me: "paperwork."
Cassi: "what work?"
Me: (admittedly, hollering this from down the corridor in the next room) "PAPER work."
Cassi: "unnhhhh." (The SFX of the unimpressed.)

I explained the nature of the (dread word) Exercise.

Cassi set to it with her usual (pardon me for you know I love you) wild inattentive abandon.

Alex (who is fresh directing meat to me and thus an exciting new challenge) started scribbling away studiously and conjured up all sorts of thoughtful, intellectual and heartfelt adjectives.

Wonder who's going to be teacher's pet..?

Anyway, we're headed for a shiny bedazzling publicity launch at some point soon so I shall rein in my chickens (or whatever the metaphor might be) and say little to no more about it until The Idea is sprung upon an unsuspecting world.

Watch this space.


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