Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I attended a rehearsal as a (so-called) actor last night. It reminded me (and I always say this as it always reminds me) just how difficult it is to walk and talk.

I've never been great at the walking alongside talking bit. So we began. Ross patiently said "so, Claire, I'd like you to stand here, walk about a bit here, be here for this line, here for this one and there for this." He told the others where to stand and sit.

We ran the scene. The others executed his suggestions like show ponies. I spoke most of the correct lines. But unfortunately clattered about the place like an errant pony gone wild at a gymkhana.

"Claire, you might just want to try this and this." (Roughly translated as "why not listen to what I said, because I said it because I've spent months thinking about it and this is what I would like you to do".)

I clatter about again hopelessly, executing the moves approximately like a pony standing on its hind legs and making like it's a person when actually it's only a neighing equine.

"Claire, you might just try..."

Poor, patient Ross.


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