Friday, January 25, 2013

Dress rehearsal last night.

When they're good, they're very very good and when they're bad, they're ____________. (I'll let you fill in the blank yourself. I couldn't be so disloyal.)

I'm at the point now where I'm so hopelessly in love with all of them and the show that if Cari said she felt she had to paint herself in blue and grey stripes to fully express the frustration of her life, I would nod and smile warmly. If Gavin said he should sing his lines to express his unfulfilled ambitions as a musical artiste, I would encourage him. If Gary said he felt he should perform pant-less... well, maybe not.

I find that doing a show - doing this show anyway - twice over doesn't mean that you love it any the less. Maybe you even love it more as you've had a few months off from the "whoofs" and the beautiful Kirsty's "I love chups". To my horror and embarrassment, I still find there are things I want to fiddle with. How did I not see these things first time round?

My only regret is that we're missing out super-efficient Stage Manager this weekend. We wish her well and invite her to send military-efficient thoughts to the pranky, losing-loads-of-stuff cast backstage at about 8pm tomorrow.

And if you have any space in your thoughts today, if you wouldn't mind diverting them to wish us a snow-drift-less passage to DF from our respective parts of the country when our respective charabancs set out, I would be very much obliged.


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