Sunday, August 19, 2012

Well, you'll all be glad to know I'm not dead - as B S Neill appeared to have feared.

Only just Fringe-ing.

Thursday, I enjoyed Love Letters to a Public Transport System from the National Theatre of Scotland. An extremely sweet little show.

Friday, Mess at the Traverse. Which was bursting with energy and good intentions but not entirely satisfying for this viewer at least.

Yesterday, I squished in a documentary on the 36 hours predeeding a Karl Lagerfeld catwalk show that was great fun. The Trav Davids' Double Bill (Letter of Last Resort / Good With People). Both very nicely done and I commend the thematic link. And the extremely pretty boy in the latter play. And finally, Smetana's Ma Vlast which was all very lovely though I was rather expecting Borodin instead.

Today, a mere two shows. NOLA at the Underbelly. Worthy in intent and very competently presented, I probably can't really comment on much more than that as I carelessly napped through a lot of it. (I was NOT reviewing it, you'll be glad to hear.) The second show, I was reviewing. My final review show, in fact. And what a show. You'll have to await the paper...

But if you happened to - say - have only a day left in Edinburgh before you set sail for the land on the other side of the Channel - if that happened to be your circumstance - I would commend my two far and away favourites to date:

The Boy With The Cuckoo Clock Heart
Translunar Paradise

As well as a couple of close but not quite cigar-worthy pieces of theatre:

Glory Dazed
Bitch Boxer

Enjoy. If that happens to be your circumstance.


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