Sunday, August 05, 2012

Ironically, while my back was metaphorically turned at the tech - which was as much frantic fun as it always is though we had three times as much time as I've had for the past three years of Fringe shows - the cast turned in an absolutely storming performance.

Helped by the set which looks suitably skanky, the sluggish or non-existent sound effects thanks to yours truly, some rather fine lighting, some well-chosen garments (vest..? housecoat...?) and some excellent stage managing courtesy of Heather (loving the power of the being able to hear what's happening backstage headphones!) and Emma, the being in the venue seemed to give the cast the extra little nudge to persuade them that - hmmm, yes, this time tomorrow they'll be almost about to do a show.

And for the most part, they did it extremely excellently.

They have one extremely proud director on their hands.


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