Friday, July 06, 2012

My my. What a difference a day off makes.


- yoga class
- press releases for our two Fringe shows, Dr F and Forgive Us, sent to the Guardian, the Scotsman, the Herald, Metro, Three Weeks, the Evening News, The Stage and Fest magazine
- lunch with extremely cool cousin and her extremely cool boyfriend (I deliberately dressed down for it as I realise I can never compete)
- sideboard, Formica topped table and sets of shelves unearthed for the set
- ugly possible shoes found for Mum and Patrick
- exceeding ugly jumper found for probably Patrick
- shabby T-shirts found for - take your pick
- long overdue landline telephone bought as mine has been unusable for dialling purposes for months (an inconvenient feature in a phone, I've noticed)
- although the boy in the shop, clearly thinking this was superlative customer service, talked and talked and talked. He now knows my entire life story. I am now extremely late for my next engagement
- received reply from Mark Fisher complimenting our "cool soundtrack"
- tweeted exhaustively about aforementioned email reply
- home again, stuffs dumped and off again out.

And it's still only 5:14. Marvellous.


Blogger imw said...

You missed a great afternoon at Wimbledon and how come you got a day off on your last day.

7:24 pm  

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