Tuesday, July 03, 2012

In my (nhumh-hm) years of life, today is an most historic day.

Bear in mind that I grew up listening to musical soundtracks. Andrew Lloyd Webber for the most part. Stephen Sondheim if we were feeling highbrow. A couple of wild cards by no-one in particular on account of Mother's actress understudy turned star friend. But living in the landlocked middle of England, our few trips to London to See Stuff tended to focus on this aforementioned friend's performances. So whilst I knew many of these ALW shows by heart, I haven't seen very many of them.

Imagine then, how I've been living for this day.

Mother and Sister sneaked off BMB to see one of the favourites from our repertoire, Starlight Express, when I was carelessly at university. But tonight, payback.

This very show opens at our not so little Playhouse. I have a ticket. I have been listening to the soundtrack all weekend in preparation. I will be one of those lunatics who murmurs the lyrics along with the performers. And I don't mind one bit.

The Starlight is in town.

I expect I'll sleep through it.


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