Thursday, June 14, 2012

(Very) assiduous readers will remember a sentimental little post a while back about a zumba class teacher overwhelmed by homesickness or sickofnewhomeness who played for the class at delirious full volume what she claimed was the song of the moment in Brazil.

I can now reliably report that - well, it may not be the song of the moment but - they're still listening to it.

And it popped onto the stereo in tonight's zumba class. Different teacher, less love for the song but it made me smile.

Until -a shock. For this teacher offered us a translation of the lyrics to help us understand the gestures which formed part of our routine.

It's a cheerful bouncy tune. Some sort of celebratory lyrics I supposed. But no. A million times lewder than that.

(Translation as offered by our class teacher.)

"Wow. Wow.

You're hot. You're hot.

I boom you. I boom you."

This leaves less to the imagination.


Blogger imw said...

The English version seems to be a lot more innocent than that:-

9:16 am  

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