Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Matthew McConaughey pause in the Fringe proceedings, last night for a fine film called Killer Joe.

I say 'fine' because I can see why it was critically exalted in the Film Festival earlier this year. But the exalting critics must be made of sterner stuff than me.

It's a harmless enough story, full of - to my (director's enraptured) mind - enchanting parallels with Nobody Will Ever Forgive Us. A boy owes money. They're a generally poorly off family (they live in a proper white trash caravan in Texas) so he sets out trying to borrow the debt from his dad. This doesn't quite work so increasingly desperate - for I guess he can't play snooker - he resolves the situation by engaging a local hitman to (spoiler alert) bump off his mum for the insurance money. Hitman (Matthew) takes a shine to the debtor's slightly half-witted - though awful pretty - sister and ends up taking her as security on the big big prize (the dead mum).

Well, you can imagine the story's veered off course already from the rather more wide-eyed #ForgiveUs story. And then it takes several more sinister twists and turns that result in a lot of blood, some fellated KFC, a great deal of shooting and a head being beaten in with a tin of (white trash metaphor) pumpkin. Hmmm. Awkward.

The performances were all very heartfelt in its favour. But I missed most of last ten minutes of the film for the shut my eyes horror. Too middle class for my own good, p'rhaps.


Blogger imw said...

The last ten minutes were the best.

11:09 am  
Blogger David Grimes said...

it will not surprise you to learn this has been on my "must direct" list for years.

1:30 pm  

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