Monday, July 23, 2012

They say that acting is all about shedding your inhibitions, baring your soul, peeling back the public face of a person and revealing the shameful vengeful hopeful squirming soul within. But how personal does a director have permission to get?

An actor is just a person with a job. An accountant doesn't have to pitch up to work, steeled for soul-searching and collective revelations. So is it fair to expect the same from an actor?

But then, acting is all about trust. For the play duration, you cast up your destiny / reputation / maybe a tiny maybe a big sliver of your wellbeing to pretend to be this other thing with this group of people and that requires a bit of a leap of faith.

So all a little ambivalent apprehensive, yesterday we talked about being angry. The different types of being angry. The consequences of being angry. And of course, most critically, how it makes you feel.

And it seems to me that this is the director's remarkable privilege. To collect together this group of people that are willing enough and committed enough to the finished thing to tell a pack of - in some cases - relative strangers all sorts of stuff that matters. And that shall remain between us and the faithful through til 3am walls of our rehearsal rooms. An honour.

My cast and crew, once again, I salute you.


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