Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I've got a lurking nagging fear that I'm going to forget to submit the Fringe programme entry form.

I'm waiting for confirmation of our bank details so I don't get the pots and pots of money that our shows no doubt will hoop in sent to the wrong place.

The deadline is 5pm tomorrow. I plan to submit it tonight. Whether or not the bank details are confirmed.

But every now and then, the cold hand of forgetful fear clutches at my heart.

I just hopped onto twitter and there was Mark Fisher, retweeting the Fringe office reminder to submit our forms tomorrow to qualify for the early booking discount.

*cold clutch at the cold-handed heart again*

I've written a big note to myself and left it on my dining room table.

Hope my house hasn't burnt down during this day because then the note would be gone and then I would forget to submit and then....

Lions and tigers and bears oh my.


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