Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Sunday was a fun day.

Unconscionable time of bed departure aside.

For it was the move in for our autumnal show which begins tomorrow. Mr Hamlet.

So to Home Street to humph (in my case, small light) things out of The Store and into the van, tetris style.

To Orwell Terrace and the venue to decant it all.

And then getting busy busy with setting it all out and up and making sure the lights were pointing in the right direction and the set would accommodate (oh let's not spoil the surprise) The Things it needed to accommodate.

I clambered up and down the ladder of death to the lighting box TWICE. Known to those that know as a cat (?) ladder. (I do not know - hence, not knowing how it should be spelt. But cat feels appropriate as no human should have to haul themselves up such a vertical.)

And then I slunk away before they were even done.

But I saw enough to see that the show will look stupendous.

I love a get in.

And now we've got, make sure you get your tickets here. The Hub is listing our Hamlet as its second biggest seller. So get busy with it or you'll miss a treat.


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