Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm doing almost none of the organising for La Mascarade. It's wonderful. I'm being very spoon fed.

I've arranged the measley rehearsals for the actors. I gave them their lines. I arranged a costume appointment. And visited Home Street to harvest witchy props.

But that aside, Chris and Hilary have been as angelic as ever, gathering surprising stuffs from surprising places. Siobhan obligingly sourced some embroidery. Dear Margaret brought her shiny red tray. Cari brought....crisps.

And the producer girl, Jenny, has just sent me the politest nagging email ever to spur me into action on the music which she's obligingly sourced by various means. I just needed to listen and vet. Easy.

Oh, if any of you that this affects are reading this, no stilettos on the tables please. I don't suppose that'll break anyone's heart. This was the other Jenny note.

If only all gigs could run so beautifully trouble-free-ly.


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