Monday, October 10, 2011

I suspect a fair few tears were shed in Edinburgh last night.

After a stupendously exciting "will we / won't we?" period of weeks, a brave party sailed forth on Friday to Northampton for the quarter final of the Sky Arts competition.

By a happy stroke of fate, I trotted along to cheerlead on Saturday. Though really, even if I hadn't been Nottingham-bound, I'm not sure that I could have missed it.

Beautiful theatre (Royal & Derngate). They all got to mill round backstage, lucky bastards. Apparently the wings were huge. Such is the stuff my fantasies are made of. A crack of dawn start (for what purpose, I'm not wholly sure). A morning tech. A lot of hanging about. And they set foot on stage for The Performance somewhere around half past two.

It was stupendously exciting, seeing them all trotting about on this big proper stage, with cameras craning about overhead, sound booms lurking in the wings, semi-celebrities roaming in the auditorium.

I felt absurdly proud of them all, despite the fact that none of this has had a particle to do with me. But I felt a little bit amazed and a little bit astounded to be lucky enough to know such stupendously talented people.

Of course, I'm vilely biased but it seemed that the audience enjoyed "our" (their) performance more than all the others. Of course they would. It was much funnier.

It sparkled along, technically perfectly (poor bastard on just before our lot completely dried at one point, just precisely as he knelt down for his camera close up - poor poor man), just angst-ridden enough to be squirm-worthy, just haughty enough to make you a little bit angry about the aristocrats' arrogance. (I'm not sure that they were technically aristocrats but I know 'people' will rush to correct me and I liked the alliteration.)

And we were left quite breathless with the "didn't they do well?" of it.

Two other, odder (vilely biased) performances. A bit of hanging about. And The Verdict.

Oh, we're not supposed to talk about it. So I'd better not tell you what happened.

Let's leave it with Matt's hashtag.




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