Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fancying a little hip-hop (and as it's entirely absent from my music collection), I hunted out (that's a lie actually. The CD was laying demandingly on top of the vertiginous heap) the 'soundtrack' to A & C.

Popped it on the stereo.

And yet again I'm astounded by how the sound of the twiddley fiddley stringy te de da da da immediately takes me back to sitting at the back of the QMH at the so-called sound desk (aka CD player) impatiently fading then pausing then 'rewinding' the CD to the start of track one as the audience shuffle and fidget and the venue staff fankle about, apparently pointlessly, delaying delaying the beginning of the show as the actors fidget and fake camaraderie on stage. And track one strikes up again like Groundhog Day.

Fond fidgety memories.


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