Saturday, July 23, 2011

I spent most of yesterday convinced that I'd pulled a muscle in my chest on account of carrying my overnight bag plus weighty laptop through Manchester on Thursday, then London on Friday.

I believe the symptoms actually begin in the arm but it did feel rather as if I was having a small heart attack.

But miraculously, when my flight back up from London arrived a l'heure, and I made it to the rehearsal rooms at only 2 minutes past the allotted hour to find most of cast strewn patiently across the pavement, my muscle strain / heart attack in waiting vanished.

I then found myself lying motionless in the Body Balance abs track this morning (should've been 'crunching' at a horribly uncomfortable angle), puzzling over the A&C soundtrack. And realised that I've hit that tipping point.

The Show has Taken Over.


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