Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ok, so I'll settle for installments as I'm getting fretful about the length of time I haven't blogged for!

Poor Brian. Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, The Fairy spent last Wednesday running round Edinburgh throwing up. So many toilets ruined in so little time. She hasn't wielded so much disinfectant in quite a long time. So although she turned up for the rehearsal looking fair(l)y pale and wan, she lasted approx an hour and an half before admitting defeat to the other attendees. Brian, to his credit, contained his anger and despatched her to a vomit-punctuated trip home.

And then she was o so feeble the next night. So he kindly restrained himself from commenting on her shrill voice. Or perhaps the retching had made it hoarse. But at least we had the main principals, most of them anyway, at Thursday's rehearsal and indeed, this pale fairy saw flashes of loveliness in the scenes she wasn't in. So thinks it might be quite a sweet little show. Sorry, she means a very sweet little show. 19 Feb. Get in your diaries.

On the plus side, she was well the next night. Which meant she could go see the HATS shows. Of which, more anon.


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