Thursday, November 20, 2008


In the name of indecision, stick to what you fancy even if it isn't the wisest (most winning) choice.

Months ago, faithful readers may remember I read Mr McDonagh's Pillowman and loved it much. So I dug it out at the weekend for a re-read. Of course it's a bit long and the SCDA might take objection to the child cruxifixion scene given their alarming warning posters slapped all around Kelso when we approached bearing 4:48 Psychosis.

But maybe the first scene of this could be a worthy one act entry. I took heart from the fact that someone had tried to present this - and this scene only - to the Fringe audience in the summer. Though perhaps I shoudn't take heart as when it came to the crunch, the production did not go ahead.

So I have approached Mr French, having approached Rod Hall the agent themselves months back out of curiosity. And shall await their verdict. Did the aforementioned group withdraw from the Fringe because they hadn't sought permission and were refused? Or was it altogether more innocent reasons that led to their demise?

For those who may be interested, the first scene features 3 characters. All boys. The writer was played by David Tennant when it premiered in 2003. Someone else very respectable (and a bit older) played one of the police interrogating men. And I have no idea who the guy playing the other interrogator's part was. But they're three cracking parts. A little violence is called for. The policemen type people (though are they?) are investigating the horrific murders of two tiny children and a third has gone missing.

I haven't ventured into murder / thriller / blood-soaked territory at all yet. I would be curious to see how I would fare. So we shall see.


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