Thursday, November 27, 2008

So I ran straight from a day with IRN-BRU to the office to the theatre to watch a play in which a man swilled vodka (or gin) from a glass bottle of IRN-BRU last night. It was a neat symmetry. Then I ran home to dine on bombay mix and Pringles. Classy.

Anyway, the play was brilliant. Nobody Will Ever Forgive Us was indeed dark, as one of my clients rightly observed. But very funny in that brilliantly dark way which I particularly love. Beautifully acted. Dear John Tiffany. I wish I could become his disciple. And brilliantly written. Bastard brilliant actor Paul Higgins turned 'just to see if I could do it' writer. And I spent the first half thinking the father reminded me of a friend's father only to realise when I bought the programme that in fact, he was the father in Billy Elliot. That stupid phenomena where you think you know someone that you've only actually ever seen on TV. Anyway, this aside, he was magic.

The audience were delightfully delighted by it. And from the sounds of the subsequent Q&A, they'd had a house full of the half dead the night before so I expect they doubled their efforts in relief. But it is well worth seeking out. If only for the title. Oh and it's in the round in Trav One which is worth seeing too. On til Saturday.


Blogger Bluedog said...

I enjoyed it too. The night I was in there was a generous smattering of well known Scottish actors, as well as The Times critic, and Lesley Riddich.

In the round, there is no place to hide!

But we never found out what happened to Ruth.

9:27 pm  
Blogger claire said...

True enough. I'll have to scrutinise the script - which shows quite neatly how much was cut before they got to the performance! - and see if there are any clues...

8:12 am  

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