Monday, June 18, 2007

Second rehearsal yesterday. Putting aside the slight hiccup which saw my actress labouring under the impression that we started at 7:30 rather than 3pm, we plodded through the blocking for the play with one very hungover boy and one slightly dishevelled looking girl.

And do you know, it was a delightful afternoon. For me at any rate. I'd got so used to rehearsals for CCC that were little more than a battle of wills that it was charming to have a small attentive group who seem happy enough to potter along in an amiable fashion. But happy enough to get down and get on with it at the same time.

And all wasn't perfect. It became clear quite quickly that my vision for the set isn't going to be very practical. Unless I specifically want my poor cast to be seen as little more than removal men. But even that, they seemed to take in good faith. Though of course, couldda been bitchin behind my back.

I'm sure it will all yet take a turn for the worse. But for now, happy days.


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