Sunday, September 23, 2012

I almost didn't go and see this on account of this resolutely perky poster. Which, incidentally, does the film a terrible disservice. Though you can see why they did it. But because I'm very impressionable and because my new boss has made several references to it in the past week, I trotted off to my favourite multiplex to see it this afternoon.

Well. Glad I did.

It's a gorgeous film.

I love Meryl Streep infinitely. She seems to be able to turn her hand to any role she fancies. Or maybe she just cleverly accepts parts within her 'range'. Much like myself. (Magician in Bugsy Malone, aged 9. Second leper in Jesus Christ Superstar aged 19. Bo Peep in a pantomime aged 21. Sexually frustrated fairy in Polishing Harlequin, aged - ah-hm-hm. (That's a cough, by the way.))

Tommy Lee Jones on the other hand doesn't figure all that highly on my list of actors whom I admire / respect / want to be.

But they both did a beautiful job of telling this plaintive little tale of a couple who'd been married for 31 years and long since ceased to notice each other. Fabulous, attentive, intricate performances.

That'll come down to the skill of the director of course.

I wept my way through it. But in that wholly satisfying sprawled out in a half-empty multiplex screen with a bag of popcorn reassuringly at hand way. Perfect Sunday afternoon fodder.


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