Friday, May 04, 2012

So that's embarrassing.

This morning, The Man Who Lives Opposite (yes, I know it's all been quiet on this front recently. The only flicker of excitement recently when I thought I worked out that he owned the Edinburgh (floor) stripping company. But actually, I think I might have been deceived given his direction of travel) passed close by me as I ran yes RAN down my street in my usual (usually unobserved) Beat The Bus race. The odds were so stacked against me catching it this morning that I didn't even have time to catch his eye for a rueful 'yes you'd have thought at my age that I'd know better' look. I instead had to settle for a peripheral burn of shame as I peripherally registered that he offered facially 'what tf are you doing running RUNNING about in your street wear at this time of the morning?'

You win some. You lose some. As they say.

I did catch the bus.


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