Friday, July 15, 2011

Ok, ok. I know this is a bit of a tease as you don't have part one. But let's compare last night's rehearsal with the world according to the RSC.

First off, I had four people absent. Two on holiday, one working, one at band practice. All worthy reasons. But that was half of the people I needed that night. Strikes me that they could all be as involved with and committed to the project as they liked (the RSC recipe for cast absenteeism) - but it still doesn't remove their need to work / holiday / band. So that's one flaw.

On the plus side, I had one actor present who needn't have been but came purely for enthusiasm and extra practice. And one poor actor present who said about three lines all night - hampered severely by the absence of all the others - but didn't utter one mouthful of complaint.

The night began with an argument. Or perhaps more of an 'adult disagreement'. A happy hangover from our bold attempt to be bold on Sunday. (More anon.)

Various degrees of lateness so we maybe got started about quarter to eight.

Now the scripts were cast down on Monday and actually they're doing fabulously well. In contrast to some shambolic rehearsals witnessed in times past, the blocking's going a bit to pot. (Always a mild relief when I realise that I didn't actually set out to make it look like that.) But the words are pretty much there. They're all very good and this must be my great consolation.

It was a beautiful night. As it always in when we're trapped in the dank rehearsal rooms. The window was cast open with its fetching Meadow views as the sun started to think about sinking. the birds gossiped. The trees swayed slightly. And the favourite sound effect of the Meadows on balmy nights such as these - the bongos pit-a-pattering - echoed off the buildings.

All very nice. Til I spied Enobarbus from the corner of my eye (action down stage right, Enobarbus up stage left) writhing around strangely.

To the beat of the bongos, as it turned out.

I bet the RSC don't have to put up with this.


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