Sunday, February 27, 2011

After a last minute flurry, I think I've seen enough of the Oscar tipped films to have an opinion if I were to bother to sit up tonight to await the verdict.

With the notable exception of the film in which the man chews sorry saws off his own arm. There's a loss.

I'm not entirely well-placed to comment on True Grit as my best reckoning (and corroboration with my fellow cinema goers) ("your head was lolling right back on the seat back and your mouth was gaping open". Yes, thanks, JC.) suggests I might have missed anything up an hour of it on account of a short nap.

But I did like the cinematography. Great art direction, as Oscar afficionados might say. The Girl was very good. I woke up in time for the ending which didn't seem any less daft without the midsection as build up. I liked Matt. Very versatile. And as for Jeff. Weyell, I couldn't har'ly understan' a darn word he sayed. Acting or no acting. Western or no Western. I do think you should be able to understand your principle protagonists. Or provide subtitles.

The Fighter, on the other hand, I watched spellbound. Additionally fascinated because I spent the entire film labouring under the delusion that Mark Wahlberg was actually Matt Damon. How remarkable, I thought to myself, what versatility. A horrid wispy beard one day and a mountain of muscle the next. What an actor. And then I watched the credits.

The film is a most beautiful snapshot of a world. The world of this small town boy trying ever so hard to be good (at boxing) but with all sorts of things standing in his way. It's beautifully located, shot (I loved the switching between 'real life' and the TV footage of the fights and the documentary), nicely written. Just great story telling. Oh, except apparently it's true.

The master stroke of this movie is the casting. Matt / Mark is excellent. Lost enough but tough enough for you to believe that he pulls it out the bag at the eleventh hour. Christian Bale. My, he's a good actor. A deserving Supporting Actor if he gets it. Matt / Mark's mother is up for Best Supporting Girl I think. Along with pretty soulful Amy. Amy's sweet. His mother is a horrifying harridan and thus far more Oscar deserving for my money. But the whole thing is beautifully cast. Down to the seven wide-eyed and lumpen sisters with their awful mullet hair.

I'd be hard pressed to choose between The King's Speech, The Social Network and The Fighter for director, picture or script.

I hope Girl Crush Natalie gets best actress. I think I hope Colin gets best actor for his admirable stammering.

Dogtooth gets my vote for Best Foreign Film.

And maybe The Illusionist can get the animation award. For Edinburgh's sake, you know?

Good luck everybody.


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