Monday, December 13, 2010

Zumba today. Apparently a Latin based dance form also inspired by other international dances. I see. (Isobel.) The first time I've been to a whole proper class. I accidentally encountered this new art form a few months back when a so-called Latin class was hijacked. But the snow (and shut gyms) (once, one night, but still) have bred idleness so I was mildly apprehensive about my ability to complete a full class. Boldy Balance is one thing. Laying on the floor and waggling your limbs. Based on my brief experience, Zumba sees you running across the floor waggling your limbs. Much more difficult.

I'd foolishly supposed - given previous experience - that the teacher made up a new routine each time. So all would be as in the dark about the movements as the newcomer. Wrong wrong wrong. It dawned on me first that the other spry looking ladies had done this before when we got to the fourth routine, the whirling dervish of a teacher cried out "merengue!!" and the spry women all stripped off their second layer to skimpy slim fitting vest tops and upped the tempo of their vigorous stepping.

There was one new routine / number / dance (??) in amongst the hour's entertainment. I know this because whirling dervish cried out "this is a new one!!" as she writhed into it. Unfortunately this didn't appear to have any impact on the spry ladies' collective ability to follow the steps. So I continued to shamble about in the corner several movements behind everybody else, as far removed from the mirror as possible but catching the occasional glimpse of windmill arms in the disloyal window pane.

My verdict on this 'art' form? As mother would say, it's hardly proper exercise. But it gets you (me anyway) jogging about for nigh on 60 minutes which is otherwise difficult to achieve. At the end of the class, whirling dervish clapped everyone else and cried "well done!!" to me. She looked at me with as much pride as you'd bestow on a drunk who'd just thrown up on the carpet. I bet I'll get better.


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