Monday, September 07, 2009

Well, a gloriously frivolous weekend was had by all.

A night of half educational wine drinking on Friday. A day of cinematic (Time TraveLer's Wife which wasn't half as bad as I expected it to be) and musical (Neil's band, The Stantons, who were excellent. What a talented boy he is) delights on Saturday.

And the same again on Sunday in fact. This time, 500 Days of Summer which had the heart of a Hollywood movie but dressed in the clothes of an indie flick. An interesting and not entirely charmless combination. And then the magic of Portyfest. And wonder of wonders, managed to catch Colin Steele on stage. Along with a few other odd but strangely engaging acts. The sun almost came out. We spied a sliver of blue sky once.

And there was a glorious moment when I observed the poor man that owns the pub that I'm sure is ill-attended along the sea front from me and commented to Sister that I felt sorry for him as I found him in the local supermarket one day picking through reduced items. And she replied, sharp as a dart, "isn't that what you do?" Can't argue with that.


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